• These Squeesh Yum LARGE Goodies look delish and they're fun to squish!
  • Kids of all ages will love collecting the fun food toys: Ice Cream, Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Burger, Pastry
  • Smells SO GOOOD. Fun toy to relief stress
  • Scented squishies smell delicious
  • Great party favor
  • 5 Styles May Vary.



The Squeshies Yum Large Goodies is a great toy to keep your child entertained because they are slow rising Squishy that smell like sweets! Great sensory toy to squeeze and keep them stimulated

Imagine how happy your child will be collecting all the squishy toys and smelling their delicious scent

Includes 1 Squeesh Yum Goody for a great value

Assorted styles