At it isn't about what we sell, it's about why. With the mission to improve people's lives by providing brands and products that entertain while tackling life's biggest challenge, we are proud to present you the following brands: Ja-Ru, Entyva, 2Chill and Entypals.
The founders of this family-owned company are third-generation toy industry experts with ample experience in Retail, Distribution, Product Development and E-Commerce. Founded on the belief that all products and processes should be made with passion and integrity, we stay true to the same values that we established decades ago.

Our 56 years of passion, aimed to illuminate the world through high-quality entertainment with a purpose.

Our passion for developing and promoting the best products the market has to offer shines through our corporate culture, as our values permeate to our customers, suppliers, and surroundings. Committed to making the world a better place, we believe in providing our customers with products that exceed all expectations and are created from the heart. All our products are related to entertainment, as we aim our mission at creating an effective way to have fun, while assisting with the challenges many face. Quality products provided with a high standard of excellence - we just know fun at its finest.